Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bringing down blood sugar with Naturopathic treatments

Meet Fahad, he is 30 years old, he came to the centre for 6 days. When he arrived, he had diabetes and was on 80 units of insulin a day (40 units 2 times daily), he weighed 111kg, and had sleep apnea. He would seem to drift away while talking to you.
6 days of Naturopathic treatments, diet therapy, yoga therapy, and close monitoring saw him loose 4kg and more impressively, his fasting blood sugar went down from 140 to 88mg% (normal range is 70 - 110 mg%), in addition, he became much more attentive and engaged.
I won't even attempt to describe the range of treatments he had, as he was under the expert care of the team here at all times. His programme of yoga, diet, exercise the herbs that he took, and the monitoring of his blood sugar were all done carefully, and precisely, this is not in any way a case of 'lets just give some healthy foods and see what happens', it is a precisely worked out schedule of treatments that has produced results.
However, I will say that he is not an exception, we get people here all the time with seemingly 'lifelong' chronic diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, gout, arthritis, all the usual suspects of ageing. They are not always reversible fully, as it depends on their severity and many other things, but the important thing is that when positive changes are made, and the body is given the right treatments, it responds appropriately, that is, it starts to recover its balance.
6 days was not at all enough with a case like Fahad, but the important thing was that he was extremely receptive to the information, willing to make the changes required, and gave it his full commitment. He was ready to make the changes, and just needed direction, in just a couple of days, we saw the changes in Fahad.
I wish him well, and hope that he has continued the good work he started here.

Friday, 24 February 2012

How the simplest of things can make a difference

Najma and her Mum
2 people left last night, Najma and her Mum, I was sad to see them go, as they were very friendly and always made sure I was looked after. Najma left with the words 'I will miss you ma'am'.
She entered the hospital 10 days ago extremely tired, exhausted, in fact, very thin, no energy, no appetite, allergic rhinitis, osteoarthritis on the right knee, vertigo, lumbar spondolosis. Her mum came to keep her company, but she also had diabetes and a number of complaints related to the ageing process.
Najma is a primary school teacher, and her mum is an office worker in local government.

During her time here her face took on a new complexion and a different pallor, her mum too, looked healthy and well when she left. Many of her complaints disappeared during the 10 days of yoga, rest, pranayama, juicing, naturopathic diet and treatments. No herbs were used, and they said that they enjoyed the mud baths and sun baths the most. (you cover yourself in mud and sit in the sun).

Just one of many cases we have. We have had quite a few new admissions in the last few days - cases of sciatica, eczema, osteo arthritis, sever spinal compression, and a 80 year old musician with clots in the brain. He said he was determined not to go down the allopathic route, they feel very strongly about that here. His clotting is on his right side, so he cannot grasp properly wth his left hand.
My patient I mentioned in the last blog, Mohammed, is progressing, his blood pressure has been brought down to normal and we are focusing on losing weight.

Monday, 20 February 2012

My first few days in India

In this small backwater in Kerala, a place not even google earth has yet found, I arrived 5 days ago and am staying for one month. It is a small Naturopathic Hospital, one of few in Kerala, there are not many worldwide, but Kerala with its roots in Ayurvedic medicine (Indian Herbal Medicine) has a marvelous health system based on Natural health, seeing an Ayurvedic doctor or a homeopath is virtually free for the population of Kerala (lucky them), they are called Doctor as are allopathic doctors, and are regarded with as much respect.
As it is a Hospital and not just a retreat centre we have cases of diabetes, varicose veins, renal failure, high blood pressure, fibroids,  PCOS, gouty arthritis, and all manner of degenerative diseases. People have come because they want to manage and treat their condition naturally. What they get is the combined attention of Naturopaths, Ayurvedic doctors, and homopaths backed up by a team of assistants, massage therapists and physios. Naturopathic treatment is quite labour intensive, hip baths, spine bath,  cold compresses, herbal pastes, oil packs, hot and cold together, ice pack, herbal bandages are only some of the treatments they provide here, they are only time consuming, but also requires a lot of 'faffing'. The appropriate treatment is however very effective at removing toxins from the body and bringing energy to areas that are 'low', increasing blood flow and therefore elimination and oxygenation or soothing and relaxing and slowing other parts as required.
They are known to help preety much any condition from poor circulation and sore muscles all the way up to depression, arthritis, hormone imbalances, and renal problems.

Doctors do their rounds twice a day, at 9am and 9pm to see how the patients are doing. 

Yesterday, on our rounds, a gentleman who came to the centre with a severe brain hemmorage on his right side, he was paralysed when he came here 7 days ago at the centre tended to by the doctors given Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, herbal and homeopathic medicine packs, made from herbs, and continual care by his wife at his bedside plus the most nutritious foods, I witnessed the first movement of his right hand and right leg. I have to say that it was up there as one of the best things I have experienced. So great was his effort, egged on by Dr Shimji, his wife and all those around his bedside, he was spurred on to make that first move.
I have a feeling that it is going to be a remarkable month.
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Soukhyam Naturopathic Hospital in Bekal
Lunch - I dont think I will starve here!
Breakfast - sometimes cooked, sometimes raw

Food is prepared using a wood fired stove, from fresh local ingredients